Our Ice Cream Carts


Cowbell Carts are commercial-grade and fully mobile – no dry ice or electricity needed.  Because all of our frozen ice cream novelties are pre-packaged, there’s no dipping, scooping, or stickiness.

All Cowbell Carts fit through standard 36″ entry doorways and into elevators, allowing us to bring the excitement and nostalgia of the Ice Cream Man indoors to you.

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‘STARS & STRIPES’   Red, Bright and Blue.  The faux-distressed stars and stripes motif adds a nostalgic note to any affair.


‘PÁJARO GRANDE’    Our ‘Big Bird’ cart is genuine imitation ostrich on white tufted vinyl.  One word: Classssaay


wedding ice cream cart

‘ICE CREAM COW’    Real Jersey cowhide. TOUCH IT!

ice-cream-cart-cow1M  ice-cream-cart-cow2M

‘METAL CIRCUS’    Copper stripes over stainless steel.  Hand-distressed swirls really catch the light.  A great cart for evening events, when lit with our available colored accent lights.


‘COUNTRY STORE’    Old-timey tin and porcelain signage mounted on distressed wood panels.

ice-cream-cart-country1Mcowbell ice cream carts ritz carlton dana point

Cart Accoutrement:

UMBRELLA – Outdoors? Of course you want one! Indoors? In a lobby, atrium or conference room, coordinating umbrellas draw attention. (Minimum Ceiling Height 12’)

CHALKBOARD – Personalize the chalkboard with a message from the host.  Designed to hang from the coordinating umbrella or pole mount, the 2’ x 2’ porcelain chalkboard can be customized with a variety of wet erase markers.

chalk_board2TNchalk_board1TNice cream cart chalkboard at wedding



We have 60′ of Restoration Hardware’s Starry String Lights (Diamond Lights On Silver Wire)

These wire strands are a beautiful accent for night-time or indoor locations when strung through the cart umbrella and around your custom chalk board message.

These are definitely a ‘must have’ for weddings utilizing the white umbrella.

Our strands are battery powered, so there is need to compromise the perfect placement (especially outdoors) with an unsightly extension cord.

No Power / Electricity Requirements

Cowbell Carts have built-in, rechargeable cold plates and continue to actively freeze for up to 8 hours without making any noise, or needing to be plugged in.

  • Carts arrive fully charged
  • Carts can be strategically placed for optimum visual presentation without compromising esthetics
  • No dripping dry ice worries on interior floors

Multi-day rental?  Just plug the cart in overnight and it will be ready to keep freezing the next day.

Mobility / Placement 

  • Outdoors:  anywhere with a firm surface to roll over – dirt parking lots or walkways? – no problem
  • Indoors:  Cowbell Carts are designed to fit into elevators and through a standard 36″ office doorway.  A good rule of thumb for planning placement is: Anywhere a wheelchair can go, our carts can go too.  (Approximate cart dimensions are 40″ tall x 32″ wide x 42″ long.)
  •  Stairs?  Fully loaded, our carts weigh up to 400lbs. and cannot be carried up a flight of stairs.  One or two steps normally will not present a problem.


Each cart holds up to 500 frozen ice cream novelties.  Large events may require more than one cart and we will advise you if additional carts are needed.  

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