Corporate Ice Cream Parties & Cart Rental For Business Events

corporate ice cream cart cateringCARTS ARE DELIVERED, SET UP, AND HOSTED by our experienced staff

  • Presentation: clean, crisp, and visually appealing
  • Service: professional and engaging fun, without “going over the top”
  • No Long Lines & No Sticky Mess to Clean Up: pre-packaged novelties afford fast serving, while selection from our premium brands such as Ben and Jerry’s and Haagen-Daz insure employees or customers know they are appreciated
  • Mobility: our carts will fit into standard elevators, and can squeeze through a standard 36″ office doorway
  • Power/Electricity: no power or dry ice needed

A Cowbell Cart, full of tasty premium ice cream bars, is ideal for handling the logistical challenges of quickly and efficiently serving larger (175+) groups, while still maintaining a high level of ‘specialness.’

Employee Recognition Events – *Events for all three shifts Holiday Parties / Company Picnics
Shareholder Meetings
Safety Milestone Recognition
Trainings / Workshops / Conferences
Golf Tournaments – *Put one of our carts at one of your holes
Property Manager Tenant Appreciation

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See Our Carts(including information on serving capacity and mobility)

ice cream cart for ice cream social


Our ice cream cart catering service is ideal for companies occupying different floors of a building and/or multiple buildings in a corporate campus and have indoor events which require the flexibility to move the cart from one place to another.

Bring the excitement of the Ice Cream Man inside.  Allow for a more relaxed, staggered service, without requiring employees to exit the building en masse to wait in line in the parking lot, at a truck.

*If you occupy your entire building, we can leave a stocked cart in your lobby or atrium area for several days.  Let your employees serve themselves!  

Corporate Gifting Account Service & Customer Appreciation

warren buffet eating ice cream

Deals get closed with ice cream.  Industries such as insurance, pharmaceuticals, and real estate are prime examples of businesses that consistently send client gifts to generate the referrals they need to thrive.

Send a stocked ice cream cart and a Good Humor Man to your best customer’s offices.

We are happy to meet up and coordinate with sales team members, at your customer’s location, to serve ice cream for your sales presentation.

Cowbell Carts is fully insured: $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability/Aggregate

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